The Campbell, NYC
A century old New York landmark, was always known as the secret bar hidden in the depths of Grand Central Station. Although Grand Central is the busiest station in America with three quarters of a million people marching through it every day, the Campbell Apartment bar was only accessed via unmarked tunnels and stairwells. 
The main room — once the lordly private office of the railroad executive and millionaire John Williams Campbell, complete with Florentine décor, a coffered ceiling and a fireplace — will be reborn simply as the Campbell Bar. And the bar’s days as a hard-to-find, slightly mysterious hideaway appear to be over. The renovation added proper signage so now all weary travelers and history buffs know where they can enjoy a drink.
Vogue Magazine: "Fortunately, the newly completed renovations are a hit. Working in conjunction with Ingrao, Inc.—the design firm behind such other projects as Baccarat Hotel and Residences and Hudson Yards in New York —Gerber Group has successfully dusted off the Campbell Apartment in a way that will appeal to its die-hard fans and newcomers alike. Since the space is historically land marked, Gerber Group and Ingrao were constrained in just how much they were able to do, and all changes had to receive the blessing of the State Historic Preservation Office. This limited the renovation to updating existing features of the rooms, and adding seamless elements that optimize guest experience while staying true to the character of the space: A new custom lighting system, for instance, better highlights the hand-painted ceiling; the oversize fireplace remains intact; and a new air-conditioning system keeps guests comfortable and climate-controlled more than ever before. The leaded stained glass window and all original millwork remain intact. Luxurious new mohair and leather barstools and banquettes add warmth and texture to the space. The room was already very dramatic,” said Randy Kemper, co-founder of Ingrao. “It has 25-foot hand-painted Florentine ceilings, the safe that once belonged to Mr. Campbell, and the grand leaded glass window that sits behind the bar. We wanted the room to have the classic feel of a traditional gentlemen’s club since it was originally Mr. Campbell’s office, so all the colors we chose—forest green, sapphire blue, tan leather, and hints of red—are very ‘olde school’ and rich. This meant choosing the right lighting was key in showcasing this dark and sexy room, and we had fun playing around and adding light in the correct places to emphasize the room’s character."

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