The Crosby Street Hotel

Introduced by the architect to the owners of the Crosby Street Hotel, we were delighted to get to know people who believe that "hotels should be living things, not stuffy institutions". The owner has designed all of the interiors of Firmdale's English projects in a fresh contemporary English style. Her mixture of color and texture, modern and antique together with an impressive art collection, has combined to create a unique look and style.


We are providing all of the seating for this project in both guest rooms and public areas replicating what the firm came to expect in England.  We are arranging deliveries floor by floor and room by room from our facility reducing some of the tremendous local costs for receiving, warehousing, transport and installation.


Artistic is an American company with huge domestic capacity, but we have not forgotten our European roots. Our pieces continue to be bench made by experienced artisans. And no matter how much we have grown over the years, we realize how crucial service and relationships are and have tried our best to retain that mom and pop feel with deep personal involvement.


Invite Artistic to become a part of your project. We make an excellent partner.

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