Faux Leather
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Two tone faux leather embossed and dimensional. Washable, stain and ink resistant
Milano is an embossed faux leather with a metallic like finish. Washable, stain and ink resistant
Washable faux leather embossed with a snakeskin texture providing a beautiful three dimensional depth
Washable faux leather embossed to create the feel and texture of shagreen. One of our most popular materials
Washable faux leather embossed to mimic the look and feel of a basket weave leather
Washable faux leather with the look and feel of a stitched material. Three dimensional also wall covering
Venice is a faux leather embossed and finished to give the impression of ostrich skin. Heavy duty and washable
Embossed faux leather suggesting a stone surface finished in beautiful natural metallic like tones. Washable
Faux snakeskin embossed poly washable and stain and ink resistant
Environmentally friendly faux leather in beautiful two tone finishes, Messina is durable and washable. Great for scaling and wall covering
Environmentally friendly, Faux Leather, Washable with a heavy duty wear resistance.
Washable and stain resistant - ball point pen. Woven Leather embossed Poly, with the look and feel. Iridescent Colors.
Washable Faux Leather, Wide range of colors
Environmentally Friendly, Faux Leather, Andria has a subtle finish and is washable - very durable.
Alessandria is embossed to suggest the feel of sparkling linen. Washable, Stain and in resistant.
Portici is finished to mimic a fine English leather. It is environmentally friendly, washable and is suitable for all applications - Including, residential, contract hospitality and healthcare.
Faux snake skin with a metallic finish. washable, stain and ink resistant.
Embossed with the fashionable look and feel of an embroidered leather. Washable and available in ten colors
Arezzo is a Faux Leather, engineered and finished to be stain and ink resistant, and exceed heavy duty performance standards with 200,000 double rubs
Because of its superior hand and weight, many people are not sure if Pimonte is a real leather or a faux. Really soft with a fantastic drape, Pimonte is our most popular material, suitable for residential, hospitality and healthcare. Available in 22 Colors.
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